The Olympic Peninsula is one of those almost magically beautiful places you return to time and again to soak in the beauty, discovering new and wonderful things with each visit. It happens to those of us who live here, too, believe me – there’s just so much to do and see. One of these treats is discovering the waterfalls of the Olympic Peninsula.

There are hundreds of gorgeous waterfalls here, especially come spring run-off time. Some of these waterfalls are obvious and well known, being located right next to the beaten path, while others are more hidden. The full list of them is quite daunting ( but the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail was put together to help you locate and see all of the more accessible, photogenic ones.

We’ve highlighted a few favorites from our immediate area, below:

Sol Duc Falls - Waterfalls of the Olympic Peninsula

Sol Duc Falls – perhaps the most famous waterfall on the Olympic Peninsula

Sol Duc FallsSol Duc Falls Map
Sol Duc Falls is probably the most famous and photogenic of the waterfalls of the Olympic Peninsula. Located in the rain forest of the Olympics, the Sol Duc River splits into as many as four channels before pouring 37 feet off the side of a cliff into a narrow canyon where a it falls another 11 feet as the river exits the flume of the canyon to the gorge below. Well worth the hike.

Marymere FallsMarymere Falls Map
Located at the end of a short, pleasant, and easy hike – though the optional switchbacks at the end of the trail add some moderate difficulty – through the forest trail along the Lake Crescent corridor, the 119 foot falls occur as Falls Creek tumbles through a notch, high in the cliff face of a lush, mossy amphitheater.

Port Ludlow Falls TrailPort Ludlow Falls Trail map
Port Ludlow Falls – a series of falls occurring alongside a protected, short interpretative trail – are located just a short hike from the road and within a five minute drive from anywhere in the Port Ludlow area.

While You’re Here …
Water is not the only thing that pours liberally on the Olympic Peninsula – there’s wine and cider, too! While you’re in the area, be sure to stop by one or all of our member wineries for a taste of some fantastic local wine or cider and more hints about what to see in the area on your visit.