Go Wild at the Olympic Game Farm

Olympic Game Farm - Waving bears!The Olympic Game Farm, on the North Olympic Peninsula, in Sequim, is home to a large collection of animals including ex-film stars and waving bears.

Yes, that’s right: waving bears.

The Olympic Game Farm started out as a kind of hobby for Lloyd Beebe, a logger-turned-dairy farmer and wildlife enthusiast who spent much of his spare time filming wild animals so that he could share his love of them with others. As his films became better and he took in more orphaned wild animals, his reputation grew and soon he had caught the attention of a little company out of California called Walt Disney Studios …


Port Angeles Underground Tours

Port Angeles Underground Tours

Work begins on filling in the Port Angeles waterfront, circa 1914

Many people know that Seattle has an old underground section of the city that you can tour but did you know that you can take Port Angeles Underground Tours as well?

Located on the North Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles, like so many towns at sea level, was initially built up … where it really shouldn’t have been.

Founded in 1862, with real construction beginning in the 1880’s, Port Angeles sprang up primarily near the water so as to facilitate ease of transport for its main export: logs. Unfortunately, this meant suffering the effects of high tides and what that brought in, namely the growing city’s own sewage!


Visit Marrowstone Island, Washington

Marrowstone IslandThere’s a lot to see and do and see on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, no the least of which is a visit to the pastoral beauty of Marrowstone Island.

Marrowstone Island is located just off the Quimper Peninsula, southeast of Port Townsend, Washington. A long, narrow stretch of land, Marrowstone is connected first to the parallel body of Indian Island by land bridge, then to the rest of the Quimper Peninsula via a proper bridge.


The Olympic Peninsula Wine Trail East – Part 2

Olympic Peninsula Wine Trail EastThe upper Olympic Peninsula has 9 wineries / cideries within an hour or less of each other so, with a designated driver and a some directions, taking a tour of the Olympic Peninsula Wine Trail is easy enough (even if an official one has yet to be created).

Last time around we talked about the west leg of our Olympic Peninsula Wine Trail. This time we’re going to look at the east leg of the tour, the Port Townsend area.

Using the numbering on our wine association’s map, numbers 6-9 are what I’m calling the east leg of the trail.


The Olympic Peninsula Wine Trail West – Part 1

Olympic Peninsula Wine Trail WestOkay, I admit it, there is, as of yet, no officially sanctioned Olympic Peninsula Wine Trail – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up your own!

The upper Olympic Peninsula has 9 great wineries / cideries all grouped within an hour or less of each other – from Port Townsend to Port Angeles – and most of which are open daily or by appointment all year ’round – so taking a tour is a no-brainer!


Waterfalls of the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula is one of those almost magically beautiful places you return to time and again to soak in the beauty, discovering new and wonderful things with each visit. It happens to those of us who live here, too, believe me – there’s just so much to do and see. One of these treats is discovering the waterfalls of the Olympic Peninsula.


Port Angeles 26th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

Hard as it may be to believe, the new year is almost upon us. Where 2013 went is anyone’s guess but, now that it’s almost gone, what better way to start the new year off than by throwing yourself into some ice cold water.

No, seriously.

It’s the 26th Annual Polar Bear Plunge, taking place at Hollywood Beach in Port Angeles, WA between 10 and 11am, on New Year’s Day!


Point Wilson Lighthouseat Fort Worden State Park

Point Wilson Lighthouse at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend WAPoint Wilson Lighthouse in Port Townsend, WA is an important landmark for vessels traveling to and from the Puget Sound and an iconic one for visitors to Fort Worden State Park.

Point Wilson marks the western side of the entrance to Admiralty Inlet from the Strait of Juan de Fuca and a lighthouse has existed here since 1879 – though not the one you will presently find. The critical turn was initially heralded by nothing more than a church bell.