Port Townsend WA Victorian Festival

A Victorian masterpiece--the Ann Starret Mansion, in Port Townsend.

March 23-25, 2012, is the 16th annual Port Townsend Victorian Festival. Immerse yourself in a different time for one weekend. Return to the present only to refresh yourself with a glass of Washington Wine from one of the Olympic Peninsula Wineries in and near Port Townsend.

What can you do during the Victorian Festival? You can:

  • Study Victorian architecture.
  • Attend a Temperance Meeting.
  • Watch a 19th Century Fencing Demo.
  • Speak with a Victorian Naturalist.
  • Learn about the Victorian Corset.
  • Watch a Fashion Show.
  • Watch an 1800s style Prize Fight.
  • Have a Victorian Tea.
  • Dress up.
  • See dressed-up people.
  • Attend a Victorian Ball.

If you are enchanted with the Victorian age, come to the Port Townsend Victorian Festival, March 23-25. It’s fun.

Remember the occasion with a bottle of Washington State Wine from the Olympic Peninsula.