Lately as we travel it seems that almost every town a person visits looks the same.  Drive down the main shopping area and you’re likely to see the same restaurant chains, the same clothing stores, and the same home improvement stores.  Nothing seems unique anymore!

Uniqueness is being lost.  And many large commercial wineries are contributing to its demise by providing remarkably similar experiences for their customers.  Wine visitors can have a difficult time identifying what makes one large winery unique from another. Wine making is steeped with amazing traditions and values that many times customers can experience only when they visit the small distinctive family owned wineries.

Nearly all wineries will state that it is their wines that make them unique.  While this is true to some extent, in visiting the wineries of the Olympic Peninsula you have the opportunity to meet the people behind the wines and experience the passion that the winemakers have for their creations. Experience first hand what it is about wines that fascinates and intrigues people. So come visit us this time of year as the wineries prepare to swing into the harvest season and immerse your self in the joy of experiencing the differences that makes wine tasting so enjoyable.