Most winery tasting rooms can accomodate looked after children.  Wineries in other areas have chosen to handle the situation by posting signs saying “must be 21”.   The seven wineries of the Olympic Peninsula Wineries are open to you bringing your children and here are a few things you can do to make it a more enjoyable experience them:

1.   Some wineries will provide some sort of beverage for underage folks and some will not.  For the wineries that do not,  they may be reluctant to let your toddler handle an expensive glass so she can be a “big girl”. 

2.  Keep them close to you while you are tasting-little people are out of the line of sight of adults whose attention is elsewhere and they can be bumped into and become overwhelmed in a sea of adult legs in a crowded tasting room. 

3. Be sure it’s okay to leave them outside to run and play– there may be machinery, traffic, etc that could be dangerous to them.

4.  If they have toys to keep them occupied, watch that they don’t set up a GI Joe camp in the middle of the floor where someone may trip on their toys or step on the children.

Children are almost always welcome and a little attention from their parents will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.